Authentic Japanese Sake Bar and Dine

Hibiki Sake bar and dine is authentic Japanese restaurant.

Who we are.




Japanese food is gaining popularity all over the world,
as it promotes healthy living and longevity.

Japanese culture focuses on the harmony of nature, the body and the heart.
Japanese food is a reflection of this culture, and the whole world is catching on.

Japanese is expressed as “和食 (wasyoku)” in kanji,
and the first letter “和 (wa)” means peace.

That’s why HIBIKI regards Japanese food as “PEACE CUISINE” that brings harmony,
unity and togetherness amongst people of the world.

Our mission is to showcase Japanese food at its finest,
in order to represent “Yakitori”, “Japanese Sake” and our other signature dishes
as the world’s “PEACE CUISINE”.

Mouth-watering cuisine that brings us good health

HIBIKI wants to encourage good health, longevity and beautiful life through food. Some of our popular dishes are “Yakitori”, “Sake” and “Miso”, the staple of Japanese cuisine loved by many.

“Yakitori” is a symbol of Japanese food culture and a must-try item on our menu. Our “Yakitori” combines different ingredients into a delectable blend of flavours and induces a well‐balanced harmony of savoury tastes. One serving is usually not enough for our customers!

Add in our trademark sake and miso for a scrumptious and healthy meal!

Our goal is to evolve and develop Japanese cuisine as part of the world’s food culture and convey the indomitable Japanese spirit to the world. In addition, we want to support our customers’ quest for good health, longevity and beautiful life through healthy and delicious food.

Nourishing food for the body and soul

The Chinese character “食品 (syokuhin)”, which represents “food”, is composed of two radicals. One means “people” and the other mean “good.”

HIBIKI believes that the food we eat must be beneficial for our customers’ body and soul. Therefore, we strive to provide nourishing food by only using pigs and chickens that eat good feed.

We want to always provide a “happy environment” where our customers can enjoy their meals that are freshly prepared by our skilful chefs, safe in the knowledge that the food they are eating is sourced from the highest quality possible.

We believe in one’s thoughtful consideration to others, that’s why we give our customers only the best food, quality and service they deserve. This is the Japanese way. This is the HIBIKI way.

So come see, feel and taste the HIBIKI difference for yourself!

Our outlet

HIBIKI Sake Bar & Dine
2 Tanjong Katong Road, #01-07, PLQ 3, Paya Lebar Quarter, S437161
Tel; 6909-9986