Authentic Japanese Sake Bar and Dine

Hibiki Sake bar and dine is authentic Japanese restaurant.

Who we are.

Our home town is Kawagoe in Saitama.


The Chinese character for food consists of two radicals, one which symbolizes people and the other symbolizes good.
We believe the food we provide must be good for one’s health.
To ensure our food is delicious and healthy, we carefully select high quality ingredients and strictly inspect and record the history of each production.
It is because of these efforts that helped Hibiki win the Grand Gold Award three years running from Monde Selection.
Our policy at Hibiki is to provide authentic good food for people.
” (食)food = (人)people + (良)good “
We believe that only working together with mutual respect can lead to a life of affluence and happiness.


Test Posting

To help our tenants, I’d also like to highlight we have negotiated some bulk discount deals to help you fulfil some of the requirements per the minimum sustainability standards. We’ve also included some tips you or your designers can be adopting. These information can be found in the attached document “Sustainability Guide and Materials List”. …

Our outlet

2 Tanjong Katong Road #01-07 (S) 437161.

We will start our outlet operation from the middle of March 2019.